The Story of Rondele Ranch


Rondele Ranch began in 2004 as a private residential retreat owned by Claude Bourguignon, whom originated from Montreal, Canada. As a renaissance man he came to the USA at a young age with a dream and a vision that lead to this Northwood's haven.

IN THE 1970’S Claude and his business partners purchased a cheddar plant in Merrill, WI where they began to produce an innovative cheese called Rondele´®, a French-style spreadable cheese. After years of success, they sold ANCO to Kraft Foods in 1990. To celebrate his entrepreneurial spirit and entertain family and friends, Claude constructed Rondele Ranch. The avid hunter traveled the world pursuing trophy wild game, and has many of these on display in the Main House. TODAY

Rondele Ranch is owned by Bob Chadwell; who shares the founder’s original mission to bestow the grandeurs of the Northwoods upon others. “We invite you to encounter all the wonders Rondele Ranch holds. We have people who come here for the first time, and they keep coming back again and again.”